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Safe Work Environments

Safe work environments are crucial for employee well-being, productivity, and job satisfaction. A secure workplace establishes employee trust while ensuring compliance with federal regulations.


Investing in employee safety fosters a culture of awareness, minimizing the risk of accidents and occupational hazards. Ultimately, a safety-conscious work environment benefits both organizations and individuals, creating an atmosphere where everyone thrives.

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Work Hard, Work Safe

Safety is more than just a bare necessity: it’s the vital foundation of a productive working environment. A workplace that has embraced safe conditions, workflows, and behaviors is a productive workplace, because it minimizes costly disruptions and downtime.


Acacia Safety Consulting is passionate about helping our clients create a safe and productive workspace; we excel at providing creative solutions tailored to your specific working environment.

What We Offer

Acacia Safety Consulting provides biological, chemical, and OSHA safety support to biopharma, academic institutions, CROs, hospitals, and clinics.


We offer direction for the safe handling, transport, and decontamination of biological materials - at the benchtop, in the vivarium, during GMP manufacturing, or during administration at a hospital or clinic. 


We provide guidance on the safe use of chemicals in both biopharmaceutical and academic research organizations

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Our services help you navigate and comply with General Industry, State, and Federal OSHA programs. 


We can help you establish and maintain an NIH-compliant Institutional Biosafety Committee for the review of work involving recombinant biological materials. 

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Industries We Serve

Acacia Safety Consulting works with a variety of industries and institutions in the fields of biology, chemistry, pharmaceuticals, research, gene therapy, and more.


Academic Institutions

Hospitals & Clinics

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