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About Us

The Acacia tree represents the key values that Acacia Safety Consulting embodies - adaptability, resilience, and interconnectedness. We strive to create effective and sustainable Environmental Health & Safety programs that are tailored to our clients' specific needs.


By providing safety support and essential resources, Acacia Safety Consulting helps foster a workplace culture of safety and well-being, similar to how the Acacia tree provides shelter and resources to a multitude of organisms. Acacia Safety Consulting's expertise and dedication to continuous improvement enable us to anticipate and address potential risks and help maintain a safe environment in the face of ever-changing workplace challenges.


Our approach is based on the recognition that the success of EHS initiatives relies on the collective efforts of employers and employees, much like the Acacia tree's stability and nourishment depend on its network of roots. Acacia Safety Consulting supports the creation of a thriving and secure work environment for all.


We are committed to providing our clients with sustainable and effective EHS solutions that are adaptable to various work environments, ensuring the well-being of employees and the surrounding environment.

Pipette Inserted Into Test Tube

Acacia Safety Consulting is an employee-owned company headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. We provide safety and compliance consulting services to biopharma, academia, CROs, CDMOs, hospitals, and clinics.


Our Mission

Assist clients in evaluating safety and compliance requirements and finding effective strategies to support them.


Our Vision

Empowering people through efficient safety solutions that prioritize their well-being and success.


Our Values

Adaptability, Resilience, Interconnectedness, Integrity, Equity, Responsibility, and Outstanding Performance.

We are a team of employee owners dedicated to supporting our clients and each other.

Create a safer world with us! We seek talented professionals who share our commitment to making the workplace safe.

Check back soon for open positions.

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